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With the advent of digital photography, Chuck became an amateur photographer in 1999. Now, as he has retired from a career as an aerospace engineer, Chuck is looking forward to a pursuit that meshes with his love for nature and the environment.

Chuck travels often within the USA, and has ventured to Hawaii, Alaska, Norway, Bermuda and the Galapagos Islands. His goal is to capture the wonder of the planet we live on, focusing on the natural world - wildlife, geology, flora, and landscapes.

Chuck was raised in Muskegon, Michigan, and attended the University of Michigan, receiving a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1970. After working for eight years in the California space industry, Chuck settled in the Kalamazoo area, analyzing aircraft hydraulic systems for Parker Hannifin.

Chuck shoots with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (and an Olympus SP-550UZ when bike riding), and develops in Paint Shop Pro. He also works on occasion with digital paint programs, transforming his images into media art.

As a young man during the moon landings, Chuck was forever impressed by images of the "Big Blue Marble." Earth is our spaceship, our mother, our companion, our garden, and the better we understand it, the more we will come to Love, Enjoy, and Care For It.

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